Pair Your Next Book with One of These Alcoholic Drinks

Genre + Alcohol = Perfect Match


There’s no better way to double fist it than a book in one hand and a drink in the other. We’ve got you covered with genre-and-alcoholic-beverage pairings. Now you’ll never drink alone—not with a good book to keep you company.

1. Fantasy—Butterbeer


We’re not talking the non-alcoholic butterbeer you’ll find at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, either. We’re all adults here. Booze or bust, baby.

You’ll find plenty of recipes for butterbeer, and the ingredients that go with it. Cream soda seems to be in most recipes, but the booze varies. Add rum and butterscotch schnapps, or flavored vodka and butterscotch schnapps.

2. Memoirs—Lynchburg Lemonade


Sit back, relax, and reflect on someone else’s life with a big mason jar of Lynchburg lemonade. And stick with the classic recipe from Jack Daniel himself: one part Jack Daniel’s, one part triple sec, one part sour mix, and four parts lemon-lime soda.

We won’t tell if you add a little more Jack Daniel’s to your jar.

3. Historical Fiction—Pint of Beer


You’ll find beer in many historical cultures and eras, so when it comes to curling up with some historical fiction, grab yourself a pint of beer and toast your reading victory. (Just remember to mind all the armor.)

4. Business—Goldschläger


If you’re in the business of making money, why not drink the alcohol that supposedly has flecks of gold in it? Pour this cinnamon schnapps into a shotglass and enjoy while you learn what it takes to make the big bucks.

5. Thriller—Chuck Norris Drop Shot


You don’t mess with Chuck Norris, or the characters in your favorite thrillers. The Chuck Norris drop shot features a shot of UV cherry vodka dropped into a glass of Liquid Ice Energy Drink.

6. Young Adult Fiction—Boone’s Farm


Boone’s Farm is notoriously popular with the younger crowd. (Yay, cheap booze!) If you’re going to pick up a young adult book, pair it with Boone’s Farm. Then enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of your tears after heartrending books like The Fault in Our Stars.

7. Mystery—Scotch on the Rocks


Nothing is more classic than a detective sipping Scotch on the rocks. You’ll be right there with your favorite detective as he (or she!) solves the case. Try Dewar’s to start, or live dangerously and upgrade to Glenlivet.

8. Self-Help—Sangria


Nothing says, “I might need some help” like a few glasses of sangria. You’ll find as many sangria recipes as self-help books, so whether you go the more traditional route or settle on something non-traditional, you’re bound to find exactly what you need.

9. Monster Erotica—Drunken Gummies


You know we couldn’t have a genre article and not mention monster erotica. Give yourself the gift of tentacles (i.e., gummy worms) with your latest monster erotica novella. Soak gummy worms in a mixture of vodka and juice until gummies have absorbed the liquid (usually a couple of days in the refrigerator). Slurp and enjoy.

10. Health—Hot Toddy


Boost your health with a great book—and a hot toddy. Make your hot toddy with whisky in your tea (my lazy hot toddy go-to) or the traditional liquor (whisky, rum, bourbon, or brandy) with water, honey, and spices, served hot.

11. Romance—Wine


Wine comes in many different forms, and so does romance. You can’t go wrong with one of the following wine and romance novel pairings.

Clean and Wholesome—Sparkling Grape Juice

If you strip the sex out of romance, you get the clean and wholesome subgenre; if you strip the alcohol out of wine, you get grape juice. The bubbles in sparkling grape juice will give you the warm fuzzies, much like these romances.

Historical Romance—Honey Mead

Drink the drink of gods while you’re transported back in time for a little romance.

Contemporary Romance—Pinot Noir

A classy choice for a classy genre, pinot noir is a favorite among wine drinkers. Just be prepared to become a lifelong devotee to pinot noir and contemporary romance after pairing the two together.

Paranormal Romance—Merlot

In the not-so-immortal words of my brother-in-law, go with merlot for the “heavy iron taste,” which makes it the perfect wine for the paranormal romance genre. Get your vampire on. (And yes, there is actually vampire wine.)

Romantic Suspense—Vintage Port

Why port for romantic suspense? Easy. It’s a heavier, fortified wine that has the strength to soldier you through the tension and suspense of the genre.

LGBT Romance—Mimosa

The only thing better than wine is a wine cocktail. Now you can brunch with your book.


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