11 Reasons You Should Definitely Fall in Love with a Writer


Seriously, they're the best.


1. You’ll have access to a private library

(source: readingrainbow.com)

2. They’ll mail you handwritten letters

(source: xmaspresents.tumblr.com)

3. They’ll ghostwrite your cover letters to land you that dream job

(source: televisionwithoutpity.tumblr.com)

4. They know how to care for paper cuts

(source: youtube.com)

5. They can quote the most romantic lines of all time

(source: gifpeanutbutter.tumblr.com)

6. They don’t care how you decorate the apartment because they're busy

(source: katelizabeth.tumblr.com)

7. They’ve got birthday cards covered

(source: giphy.com)

8. They’ll help you write badass tweets

(source: reactiongifs.com)

9. They’re romantic AF

(source: ruinedchildhood.com)

10. They always have cool pens

(source: heckyeahreactiongifs.tumblr.com)

11. You’ll never be cold because sweaters

(source: tumblr.com)


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Katie Bolin

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