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Use It to Promote Your Book and Build Your Brand


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Facebook Live is a new feature that lets you broadcast live video right from your smartphone to your followers and friends, no matter where you are in the world (as long as you have a wi-fi or data signal). Since its inception in 2015, Facebook Live has given millions of users a way to connect with each other in real time instead of the “on my time” culture that’s taken over media in the past decade.

As an author, it’s always a good idea to try out new platforms and technologies once they hit the market. It’s a great way to tap into an uncrowded market and potentially connect with new, genuine readers. Here’s how you can use Facebook Live to creatively promote your book and your brand as an author.

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1. Live Q&A

Post about doing a live Q&A a few days before you plan to go live so your fans know when to be on the lookout. Anyone watching can type a comment on the video, so you can field questions from there.

If you’re looking for something more outside the box, try a Yes/No Q&A about your main character. Since your fans might not know who the main character is in your book, have them ask you yes or no questions so they can figure out your character’s personality. You’ll have fun fielding the insane questions and they’ll have fun trying to guess what kind of character you’ve written this time. Win-win!

2. Give a Tour of Your Writing Space

Let your fans peek into the daily life of an author. Leave the mess and coffee drips on your desk for a real authentic portrayal. Show them where you sit to write, what you drink, what you eat, and share what distracts you most, be it your well-intentioned yet bothersome cat or the digital rabbit hole of Internet videos. Showing a bit of your human side is a really valuable part of building your brand as an author, so don’t be afraid to open up a bit.

3. Hold a Vote on Your Cover or Reveal Your Cover Live

One great thing I’ve seen a lot of authors do is have their fans vote on which cover they like best, before the book goes off to print. This is a great way of engaging your fans and letting them feel like they have a stake in your success. If you’ve already chosen your cover, hold a cover reveal live and talk about how you chose the cover and why it’s perfect for your upcoming book.

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