4 Insane Ways to Market Your Book on Snapchat

*opens Snapchat* *is still playing with filters 5 hours later*


Snapchat has taken Millennials' and teen sisters' digital lives by storm. If you're new to Snapchat, all you really need to know about the incredibly fun and addicting photo messenger app is that everything you send through the app is viewable one time only. That means once your lucky recipient sees the photo or video of you happily kissing your parents dog, it's gone forever, thrust into the ether, never to be seen again—unless someone screenshots it (which totally happens, so watch out).

The best part of Snapchat are their insane, at-a-carnival-tripping-on-something-really-good filters. Queue up the selfie camera and tap your face to reveal a grid that takes note of where all your face parts are, like your eyes and mouth. Then, scroll through the filters to experience a beautiful drug-free trip down what-the-fuck lane:

Katie as a dog on SnapcatMe as a dog

Katie with a flower crown on SnapchatMe with a flower crown

Katie as a cyborg on Snapchat Me being the cyclops of my dreams

Snapchat is fun and weird for everyone involved, and is the perfect chance to try a new, experimental way of marketing your book. Like any social platform, you need to build up your connections before doing anything, otherwise you'll have no one looking at your stuff (boo!).

Post your handle on all of your social networks, and if you have an email list, ask your fans to follow your antics on Snapchat for exclusive entertainment and exciting book updates.

Since the point of Snapchat is to have fun and be creative with the messages you're sending out, I've discovered some cool new ways you can market your fiction book using the sickest messenger app of all time.

Re-Enact Chapters

You've got ten seconds in Snapchat to send a killer, one-take video. Use this time wisely: re-enact your favorite chapter or do a series leading up to a cliffhanger in your story that leaves your followers wanting more—and hopefully picking up a copy of your book to finish the story. Be weird, be creative, and have fun cutting your chapters down into 10-second, entertaining clips to add to your My Story on Snapchat.

Screenshot of SnapchatMy Story is where you can upload all your snaps so your friends can see them in chronological order whenever they want, instead of you sending out individual snaps every time you see a cool dog.

Character Takeover

Katie as Ozzy Osbourne on SnapchatMe as Ozzy Osbourne, one of their famous rotating faces

Have one or multiple characters "takeover" your Snapchat feed for 24 hour periods. Use costumes, voices, and filters, and recruit friends to tell your character's unique point of view in the story.

Bonus Content

Re-purpose extra chapters or bonus content that didn’t make the final cut in your book. Take photos and tell the story via text or recite the chapters through video.

My Story Q+A

Let all your followers (on social media and email) know that you're going to be doing a Q+A on Snapchat. You can either ask followers to "snap you" or send you their questions via other social networks. You can then answer the questions and post them to your My Story, so the Q&A turns into a interview your fans can watch.

The best part is, you can download all videos and photos you make on Snapchat, which gives you the perfect opportunity to re-purpose content for other platforms. Post your videos to Facebook and Twitter to see what happens.

Remember to have fun and step outside of the book marketing box on Snapchat. This is your chance to be creative and get a little weird with how you introduce your book and brand to readers.

Let us know all about your book marketing adventure on Snapchat on our Twitter or Facebook.

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